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UNIBA's InsurTech competition: Fresh solutions for risk and insurance

5 June 2024

UNIBA Partners ePitiching on InsurTech

Anyone who thought insurance was boring should look again: our industry is bubbling with ideas, be it with new concepts or with creative solutions to old problems.  

InsurTech startups are playing a vital role in making that change happen. That is why we organized UNIBA Partners’ first Insurtech competition this spring, showcasing innovative Insurtech and Fintech solutions to our worldwide network of insurance brokers.  

The competition was divided into two sessions: one dedicated to our AsiaPac Partners and another for our Partners from the Americas, Africa & the Middle East, and Europe. Here, we introduce the nine startups that participated, while also announcing the two winners who will advance to the next phase of the competition at our Worldwide Conference in Dublin. 

Meet the Startups 

1. 7analytics (Norway)

7Analytics uses hydrology, geology, and data science to create high-precision tools that help plan for imminent and future impacts of climate change.  

2. JustParent (UK) 

JustParent allows employers to offer their staff an enhanced (above statutory) paid parental leave benefit, without the financial stress of potentially spiraling costs. 

3. Neosurance (Italy) 

With Neosurance, insurers and brands can offer the right insurance at the right time, creating customer experiences that drive the adoption of mobile insurance and close the protection gap.  

4. ARMD (UK) 

ARMD caters specifically to tradespeople. Their insurtech platform helps prevent tool theft with tracking devices and offers tailored insurance coverage for these tools. 

5. AstroTeq (Poland) 

Astroteq.ai's innovative AI-driven earthquake forecasting system enables early warning of earthquakes, potentially saving many lives, protecting critical infrastructures, and minimizing losses. 

6. Bendi.ai (UK) 

Bendi offers a comprehensive ESG intelligence platform for global supply chains. Their solutions include data intelligence APIs and SaaS software that trace supply chain connections, identify risk events, and provide real-time risk alerts.  

7. Paperbox (Belgium) 

Paperbox’s Mailroom transforms the mailroom into a smart processing center, creating actionable tasks, linking files processing incoming communications at scale. 

8. Retja (Australia) 

Retja aims to create clarity from complex insurance language. Users will understand often subtle differences between policy wordings and are then able to make informed decisions. 

9. TalkTerms (UK) 

TalkTerms’ online digital claims negotiation and settlement platform assists both consumers and industry with their claims or disputes and can be used to negotiate a better outcome that the parties are in control of. 

Announcing the Winners 

We are happy to announce the two winners who will advance to the next stage of the Insurtech competition at our Worldwide Conference in Dublin: 

  • Paperbox (Belgium) 

  • ARMD (UK) 

What’s next? 

Our InsurTech winners will present their solutions at our Worldwide Conference in Dublin, where they will compete against other InsurTech startups. You will be able to discuss their innovations with them and interested Partners will be able to collaborate with them directly. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue UNIBA’s Insurtech journey. 


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