Our Conferences

Two actionable ideas...

…that’s the minimum we want our conference participants to take away.

And we want them to come back, every time, regardless of where our conferences are.

Going beyond the obvious, opening minds, provoking thought, sharing laughter, learning, teaching, sharing, questioning, bonding and building trust, focusing on clients, thinking new thoughts and being inspired.

Sad to leave.

We aim to build irresistible conferences.

It’s the spirit, it’s the people, it’s the knowledge, it’s the place – and it’s organized to contribute value to all participants and to our clients.

Our Sponsors

Our conferences are sponsored by most global and several regional insurers. 

We appreciate their support and their recognition of our independence.

Professional topics during the day and wonderful, funny evening events.

Günther Grössmann, RVM, Austria

The one-on-one meetings really give me a chance to explore business opportunities.

Gonçalo Fontes, Corbroker, Portugal

The keynote speaker was highly motivating and really encouraged out-of-the box thinking!

Rajiv Mathur, Bharat Re, India

The Film & Media workshop I participated in helped me solve a problem I had been struggling with for a long time!

Cornelia Hon, Hayat Insurance Brokers, Malaysia