For Brokers

UNIBA Partners is the professional, transparent and trusted global platform for brokers with a strategic focus on international business.

Quality, integrity and a true willingness to commit to our clients, to the network and its Partners are fundamental to our identity. Our careful selection process and rigorous application of our Code of Conduct enable us to maintain this ethos and make us the global network brokers are proud to call their own.

Membership in UNiBA Partners has allowed us to grow as an organisation and as individuals.

Paul-Emmanuel Casier, Group Casier, Belgium

Your Country is Unique

We operate across 130 countries and realize that each insurance market holds its own unique challenges. Client and broker needs differ vastly in countries across the world. Membership in UNIBA Partners helps brokers respond to ever new challenges in their home market.  

Your Strategy is Unique

Network membership should support your company’s long-term development strategy. 

A uniquely stable organization with extremely low turnover; we take the time to get to know you.