International Employee Benefits

We Are Where You Need Us

Whether your company has manufacturing locations in Asia, a sales offices in the U.S., expats in Africa or employees on business travel - or any mix of the above, whether it’s one person or thousands – our Benefits specialists can help you keep them safe. 

We serve clients across 130 countries – including in many crisis areas in the world. 

The Brave New World of Benefits Today

With rapidly increasing healthcare costs across the world, companies of all sizes are seeing the cost of their existing benefits explode. 

Employees, meanwhile, increasingly identify a meaningful benefits package with employer quality.

And technology has brought huge changes to the way benefits can be delivered: a profusion of apps, information services and wearable devices now stretch the old-fashioned concept of an insurance pay-out ‘when something bad happens’ to prevention, wellness and even personal butler services. 

Benefits themselves are increasingly designed to prevent, inform and protect – or to have a financial planning component. 

We can offer the individual or group solutions tailored to your needs.