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UNIBA x Bundeling: the vibrant new heart for the UNIBA community

30 May 2024

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To truly benefit from your network a smooth communication platform is key. You need to be able to easily connect with other Partners and to pull up documents with the mere swipe of a finger. That’s why we’ve chosen Bundeling to be the brand new UNIBA community app, bringing together all Partners from across the globe. In this month’s blog we will be introducing the upcoming platform, discussing what will change and improve, along with a short tutorial on how to get started.

Last year’s Investor in Customers survey confirmed what we knew: it was time to find a smoother and more coherent communication platform. Our data also shows that a whopping 70% of you access our current platform via mobile, even though it's not really mobile compatible.

To address this, UNIBA turned to Bundeling, the market leader in business communication apps. Besides improving existing practices, Bundeling will add a whole new dimension to how we connect with one and another. Let's dive into its functionalities and benefits!

What is Bundeling?

Bundeling began life as a community app for the business contacts and sponsors of large football clubs, from Borussia Dortmund to PSV Eindhoven.  The app’s success prompted a move into other areas like local service clubs ( Rotary, Lions Clubs etc) as well as associations and networks. The app combines the features of an Intranet with interactive streams like Whatsapp, LinkedIn and other social platforms.

What exactly will Bundeling bring to UNIBA Partners?

  • Internal communication 

The app will centralise all our internal communication channels, making it easier to connect with one another and to find what you are looking for. The intent is to leave WhatsApp, Typeform, Horizons etc behind, reduce the amount of emails and use Bundeling instead.

Bundeling provides an easy-to-use chat function, comparable to WhatsApp, with forms, polls, bulletin boards and all the intranet functions that you’re used to (such as the Partner directory, articles and upcoming events).

A wide range of social features makes it easier to share our articles and messages. With the ‘connection request’ option you’ll be able to see what your friends in the network are up to. Want to know if Rishab in India is attending next month’s Asia call? You’ll be notified if he does!

Speaking of calls: there will be no more digging through the library for that  specific presentation. Through Bundeling’s detailed AI-search, a mere keyword in a single presentation is enough.

  • External communication

The UNIBA app is also a great way of demonstrating your international reach. Imagine you’re meeting with a new client and you want to demonstrate how easy it is for you to support your client overseas: With one swipe on your phone, you’ll be able to show them your over 75 global Partners and directly zoom in on the ones that are relevant to your client.

  • Insurer and Sponsor opportunities 

Insurers and other sponsors contribute a lot of important content, resources and ideas to all of us. Bundeling will make it much easier for you to find these resources. It also gives insurers and sponsors new ways to engage with you, from dedicated focus groups to the possibilities of running small ads and campaigns.

  • Easy-to-use back end

What happens ‘under the hood’ makes a huge difference to how smooth the user experience is.  Bundeling’s technology creates an easy to use admin interface, meaning that any changes can be implemented swiftly and easily.

The app’s data analytics are impressive and will allow us to better understand where to prioritise our efforts.

  • Synergies 

Lastly, we’re not reinviting the wheel. Bundeling is a tested platform, used by many other clients. This means we will get the latest updates and improvements, benefiting from others’ experiences, just as they will benefit from ours. 

What’s next?

We are confident that Bundeling will make communication between ourselves much more fluid.

We are currently working on the migration to Bundeling and will launch the UNIBA app on 13 June 2024 at our International Desk Managers meeting in Casablanca. We’ll share guidelines for using Bundeling as well as best practices at that point. Horizons will remain active until end of June.

In the second week of June you will receive a personal invitation, with a request to download the app and to create a personal profile. Your company data has already been created and uploaded, so after adding your own profile picture and bio, you’re good to go!

We’re excited to be able to give you one, central go-to-point for all of your UNIBA related communication.

We also really look forward to your feedback or questions - please reach out to Jasper for this any time!


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