2020 Forward Conference

This resource hub brings you the material from our Forward Conference in October 2020: three very full days, live from Brussels and online from Singapore, Tokyo, Lagos, Mexico City and many other places with carefully time-zoned content.

You can re-visit material you found useful, discover topics which you missed – and, of course, use this material to share with your staff, your clients and your prospects. created for you to re-use. 

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Day 1

Day 1


Building Trust - Keynote
What our clients really want from us
Mark Pittaccio

Resilience and Global Recovery
An insurance industry response to COVID-19
Cameron Murray, Lloyd's

Show & Tell I
Bazzi (Italy), IoA (USA), KAM (Panama)

Say It!
Your best ever elevator pitch
Wladislaw Jachtchenko

Tough Topics
How early involvement of Clyde & Co contributes to outstanding client solutions
Henning Schaloske, Clyde & Co

How We Adapt to Change I
Brooke Hunter on the changes at Hunters International

Mobile Plant & Equipment Insurance
George Grasso & Carlos Vanegas, UAA

Qualitas Mexico

US Market Regulations - What You Need to Know
Ivan Welker, AXA XL

Paragon Cyber Booth
Cyber Risk Assesment Framework
Ed Ventham

Chubb LatAm Booth

Day 2

The Shen Attacks
How cyber-attacks on ports in Asia can cause substantial economic damage to a wide range of business sectors globally
Iain Ferguson, Lloyd's

Asia-Pacific Employee Benefits Pilot
Giovanni Di Meo, Allianz Global Benefits

How We Adapt to Change II
Solomon Cai's presentation looks at China's economy today, what this means for Navigator and how we can engage more

Improving Your Business Margin
Craig McKell, RevenueTEK
Sponsored by Chubb

Brexit - And What It Means for Everyone Else
Joe Perry & Phil Waldon, Sutton Winson

"We Found You on the Internet"
Making your firm highly findable now
Robert Havekotte, Van Luin & Laura Cana

Show & Tell II
Advice First (Australia), Capacity (Korea), FinCred (UK), Skyddo (Mozambique)

Adding Value: the RIMAP Risk Management Certification
Benno Reischel's guests were: Typhaine Beaupérin (FERMA), Sam Tai (Newstate Stenhouse), Alexander Saus (Britmark)

Medical Devices During a Pandemic
Dealing with the rapid change in exposures for the Life Science Industry
Alex Forrest, Chubb

How We Adapt to Change III
Peter Olyott, Claude Hamman & Jan Drahota presented the changes Indwer has been making

Enabling Meaningful Client Conversations Through Time Tracking
Joe Perry & Phil Waldon, Sutton Winson

Inside Risk: Decision Making Under Extreme Conditions
Edouard Getaz

Chubb Booth
Helping You Support Your Clients
Deborah Sola & panel of exports

Paragon Life Sciences Booth
Clinical trials and the impact of Coronavirus
John Wadsworth

UAA Booth
Carlos Vanegas

Day 3

The Employee Benefits Consultants' Toolbox for Success
Lewis Mosley, Benefits Advisory Services

Backbone Roundtable
Joe Perry & Phil Waldon, Sutton Winson

Insuring Renewable Energy
Klaus Schreiber, Gothaer

New Capabilities in Digital Risk Assessment
Carlson Grote, AIS Germany
Paola Guiao, AXA XL Risk Consulting

How Technology Changes Underwriting
Bernhard Nigl, UNIQA

Reset for Resilience & Results Keynote
Marcus Child

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