Company Profile

Vidal Assurances

Main Office: Casablanca
Other offices: Rabat

Vidal Assurances was founded by Mr. Vidal in 1946, and then bought in 2009 by Atlas Capital.
Vidal is the only insurance brokerage and consulting company in Morocco that is backed by a private investment bank - Oaklins Atlas Capital.

Thanks to the development of a synergy between all of the group's subsidiaries, Vidal Assurances can offer a wide range of financial products and services to all of their corporate clients, semi-public and public bodies, professionals and individuals.

With offices in Rabat and Casablanca, Vidal support their customers throughout the country, offering innovative coverages adapted to their needs.
In the near future they will expand in to the northern and southern regions of Morocco.

In that last 10 years, Vidal Assurances has evolved from a top 50 to a top 10 Moroccan broker due to the following actions:

  • Concentrating on the quality of customer service
  • The development of close relationships with their customers by listening to their requests, in particular health claims (an extremely sensitive subject for Moroccan companies). With the expertise of their General Manager, Mrs Samira Chebihi, Doctor of Biological Pharmacy, they can liaise with clinics; a service that is appreciated by their corporate clients
  • The rise of the digital era lead to the opening of a customer portal allowing their clients' insurance managers to follow, in real time, the progress of the claim handling; an asset that positions Vidal as a leader in customer relationships management

Their new aim to be in the top 5 brokers in the next 5 years. 

Vidal Assurances' commercial department creates opportunities by concretizing partnerships and offering exclusive agreements with the following companies:

  • Moroccan Freight Forwarding Association and Goods transportation coverage
  • Life Insurance & Unit-linked Life Insurance & Retirement benefit plan, through a Tripartite agreement between Vidal Assurances, "Atlas Capital Management" (a subsidiary of their group), and highly rated companies for these types of insurance

Senior contact

Mr Younès Chraibi


International desk manager

Mr Soufiane Benabdllah


Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Soufiane Benabdllah


Main Office

93 Boulevard Massira Al khadra
  • Tel: +212 5 2294 9476