Company Profile


Main Office: Lyngby, Copenhagen
Other offices: Aarhus

Penfor was founded as a merger of very high skilled independent professionals within the insurance industry. Penfor operates non-life broking business in Denmark and licensed by the Danish Supervision of Finance (Finanstilsynet).

Penfor can handle any type of client, whether domestic or international. Penfor is expert in transportation, construction and international insurance business.

Among clients are smaller companies, global corporates, financal institutions and Danish public institutions.

Penfor is based on highly skilled professionals having the one-to-one contact with the client. Efficient, quick and the best competencies on the market. No extra layers neither costs and/or handling. Penfor operates mainly with annual fees per client.

Commission system is not acceptible in Denmark, despite the IDD legislation.

Penfor currently consists of 4 people, located in Lyngby, a suburb to Copenhagen.

The staff at Penfor are all very known as experts and client-focused in their marketspace.

Senior contact

Mr Kim Skafte Pedersen


International desk manager

Mr Kim Skafte Pedersen


Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Kim Skafte Pedersen


Main Office

Bagsværd Møllevej 3
Lyngby, Copenhagen
  • Tel: +4520543313 (Kim Skafte Pedersen)