Company Profile

Partner Broker

Main Office: Zagreb

Partner Broker Ltd. is an insurance and reinsurance brokerage company founded in 2019 and based in Zagreb. Their employees all have extensive experience in different types of insurance and claims management.

Through their everyday business, Partner Broker strive to provide added value to their clients by adopting a proactive approach to creative insurance solutions and resolving damage claims. Their services, methods and approach to every client demand a solid acquaintance with the client’s business which is why they insist on an individual approach so that the solutions fully align with the client’s needs.

Most of Partner Broker's clients are SME or corporate businesses from various industries, such as finance, health, construction, transport, logistics, IT, hospitality, tourism, energy, maritime transport, aviation, maintenance, distribution, law, architecture, geodesy, and others.

Partner Broker carries out the following activities:

  • Analyzing risk exposure and contracted insurance policies to ensure quality coverage and asset protection, as well as the protection of financial and legal interest
  • Negotiating with insurance companies to provide the client with the best possible premium coverage ratio
  • Controlling risk increase and decrease for the duration of the insurance contract to avoid unexpected events related to the contract
  • Improving the claims handling processes and providing assistance with analyzing insurance rights
  • Helping with documentation and the public procurement procedure
  • Finding solutions to insuring specific risks in the reinsurance market.

Partner Broker put special emphasis on claims management services which are the core of their business. For the damage claim and restitution process to be efficient, Partner Broker will, together with the client, undergo the following activities:

  • Set up the processes needed for damage restitution to ensure minimum client engagement and make the damage restitution process and simple as possible
  • Provide assistance with the damage claim process
  • Control the entire process – from submitting a claim to restitution
  • If needed, supplement own expertise with risk assessment and damage claim expert

Senior contact

Mr Mario Zadravec


International desk manager

Mr Milan Martulas

Senior Insurance Broker

Main Office

Ulica grada Chicaga 3
  • Tel: +385 1 7789 350