Company Profile

Nordic Broker NB Oy

Main Office: Helsinki

Founded in 2020, Nordic Broker NB Oy's staff continues on the legacy of their former brokerage that was sold.

The partners include:

  • Matti Lehtola - the first employee in the first broking company in Finland, when insurance broking was legalized in Finland in the early 1990s
  • Mika Pyykkönen - a highly skilled and senior professional with over 20 years experience as a broker. Mika began his career as a certified claims professional
  • Hans Kapp - who has a long career in insurance starting in 1997, initially in claims, then as a Risk Manager and Sales Manager, and finally as a broker.

Nordic Broker is licensed for both Non-Life, and Life and Pension, and also assist in general EB issues with relation to insurance matters.

Clients of Nordic Broker include blue-chip businesses, privately owned organisations, large companies, and small companies, in Finland and abroad.
Their speciality lies with international accounts and they have managed the Finnish side of some of the biggest corporations in the world.

Nordic Broker is also used as a connection point to the world for many smaller local Finnish Broker houses; they support inhouse brokers and local brokers with international placement and local contacts around the globe.

Nordic Broker NB oy is authorised by, and regulated by, the Finnish Financial Conduct Authority - Finanssivalvonta (FIVA). The FIVA is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services in Finland.

Senior contact

Mr Hans Kapp


International desk manager

Mr Mika Pyykkonen

Founding Partner

Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Mika Pyykkonen

Founding Partner

Main Office

Helsinki Office
Lönnrotinkatu 22 B27
  • Tel: +358 40 684 73 88