Company Profile

Insurance Brokers of Nigeria

Main Office: Lagos

The success story of Insurance Brokers of Nigeria- IBN is that of a pioneer with solid vision, promise, commitment and consistency.

Insurance Brokers of Nigeria, initially established as C. T. Bowring & Company (Incorporated Insurance Brokers) in 1955, is Nigeria’s premier insurance broking and risk advisory firm. IBN, the insurance leaders and pioneers continuously reinvents insurance solutions.

For over 60 years, Insurance Brokers of Nigeria have silently but solidly remained in the forefront of providing innovative and collaborative solutions to various strategic sectors of the Nigerian economy. IBN provides tailor-made insurance broking and advisory services best suited to each client’s need. These range from basic personal and private health insurance protection programs to strategic and heavy industries.

Senior contact

Mr Prosper Okpue

Executive Vice Chairman / CEO

International desk manager

Mr Eric Omozejele

Deputy Managing Director

Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Dennis Orogun

Deputy General Manager/Head Employee Benefit Practice

Main Office

Insurance Brokers of Nigeria
IBN House, 4 Ilabere Avenue Ikoyi
  • Tel: +234 1 4615 2345
  • Fax: +234 1 461 4716