Company Profile

Hunters International Insurance

Main Office: Toronto

HUNTERS represents over 120 years of experience and sustainable values in the general insurance brokerage business in Canada. Their mission is to preserve their clients’ prosperity, enterprise, and opportunity.

The Principals… firstly as Thomas Hunter… then Hunter, Rowell… then Hunter Keilty Muntz & Beatty and in 2005 HUNTERS International… have a rich history of the most sophisticated advice and service to all forms of organizations.

HUNTERS was founded by Brooke Hunter in the belief that the intensity of the interest in and attention to clients should be what matters. Presently their office is located in mid-town Toronto with a staff compliment of fifteen.

HUNTERS deals with or has access to most major global and local Insurers who are increasingly favouring brokers not swept into the multi-national merger scenario. HUNTERS’ management personally know the highest Canadian domiciled authority for all of the insurers in their market.

Most importantly to clients, HUNTERS:

- are able to credibly discuss and execute at the highest executive levels in formal and informal capacities for UNIBA Partners and their clients
- execute the basic nuts & bolts effectively making for better transactions for domestic and international clients
- principals have experience working within international broker networks in a consistently constructive and collegial fashion for decades.

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Senior contact

Ms Brooke Hunter

President & CEO

International desk manager

Mr Scott Hunter

Account Manager

Main Office

Hunters International Insurance
Ste 1502-22 St Clair Avenue East
M4T 2S5
  • Tel: +1 416 323 9300
  • Fax: +1 416 323 9994