Company Profile

Ferrer&Ojeda Insurance Partners

Main Office: Barcelona
Other offices: Madrid, Sevilla, San Sebastián, Alicante, Mallorca
Also operates in: Andorra

Ferrer&Ojeda Insurance Partners has a +124 year history of meeting the insurance needs of Corporates and SMEs throughout Spain. The firm ranks in the top five brokers in Spain (excluding banks and international groups) and serves approximately 46,000 clients and 150M€ in premiums. There are +210 professionals working within the areas of client management and sales, risk broking, and claims handling, supported by client back-office and staff personnel.

F&O has a nation-wide footprint with HQ in Barcelona and large offices in Madrid, San Sebastian, Valencia, Sevilla, Bilbao, Alicante, Tarragona, A Coruña, Mallorca and other 7 cities in Spain. F&O also provides services in neighboring Andorra and France.

F&O has a multi-specialist approach, both to commercial, financial and personal lines insurance, with deep expertise in business and industrial clients. Their industry know-how mainly comprises manufacturing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, printing, construction, leisure and services.

Ferrer&Ojeda's employee benefits services have continued developing in the last years offering group health insurance, life, disability, and pension coverage for large multinational and global clients, such as banks, consulting firms, engineering and media groups.

F&O has a dedicated team to structure complex international programs to its clients.

Today Ferrer&Ojeda continues as a 100% professionalized family-owned firm, currently in its fourth generation. F&O has full involvement and commitment to the major associations and organizations of the insurance industry in Spain by holding key institutional roles.

Senior contact

Mr Pedro Serra

Industrial & Commercial Risks

International desk manager

Mr Pedro de Souza

Large accounts and International Risks

Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Alejandro Biescas

EB Coordinator

Main Office

Ferrer&Ojeda Insurance Partners
Tamarit 155-159
  • Tel: +34 93 280 5959
  • Fax: +34 93 280 3296