Company Profile

Benchmark Benefit Solutions Inc.

Main Office: Toronto

Benchmark Benefit Solutions Inc. (Benchmark) is a specialty employee benefits boutique firm specializing in meeting the distinctive needs of executives and employees of public and private companies, associations, and not-for-profit groups. 

The company was founded in 2007, with offices in downtown Toronto and Maple, Ontario.

Managing over 200 corporate clients across Canada, proudly serving more than 30 000 members. Their partners and associates bring more than 150 years of combined industry experience to their consulting work.

Benchmark has been recognized as "Best Benefits Consultants in Canada" by the HR Reporter publications and Canadian Lawyer publications respectively.

Benchmark integrates several unique value-added benefits in addition to their agency, advisory and consulting services. They understand that each clients' organization's experience is unique in their culture and values. Benchmark creates a holistic mandate for compensation and benefits initiatives to ensure timely and efficient execution of companies' strategic human resources total rewards objectives.

Benchmark designs, implements, and monitors Total Compensation & Rewards programs for companies to attract, retain and motivate talented employees. Benchmark influences the health sector by providing products and services which keep people healthy and happy. 

Senior contact

Mrs Gisela Carere


International desk manager

Mr Adam Carere


Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Adam Carere


Main Office

1 University Ave, Suite 201
  • Tel: +1 416 305 7923
  • Fax: +1 289 553 2040