Company Profile

Asigest SA

Main Office: Bucharest
Other offices: Chisinau, Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta, Pitesi, Targu Mures, Oradea

Established in 1994, ASIGEST is one of the main brokers in this emerging market, constantly present in the top 10, as a local independent broker.

Asigest is a full-service brokerage firm whose staff is experienced with multinational companies. Located in Bucharest, ASIGEST offers insurance and customer service consulting, addressing complete solutions regarding, by identifying the needs and building insurance programs adapted to the clients, thus:  Audit, Risk Management, Case studies, International insurance programs, Custom Made products and services, after-sales assistance.

Special risk assessment with identification of optimal coverage scenarios, specialized consulting, negotiation, bidding, underwriting the risk according to the chosen program.

Optimization of insurance costs vs. risk coverage, including recommendations

Asigest handles all major types of coverage including motor, cargo, professional indemnity and property and casualty. The firm also has expertise in coverages for the construction and agriculture sectors - these two areas are the motor of economic growth in Romania.

ASIGEST manages 27 international accounts with various activities: automotive, textiles, retailers, paper industry, food industry, construction, chemistry, plastic industry and pharma.

Biggest International Client is on automotive industry, total sum insured PD+BI EURO 218,000,000.

Biggest retailer Client was KAUFLAND (for 12 years) with over 150 premises in Romania.

Biggest claim managed is on textile industry PD+BI, EURO 4,800,000.

In addition, ASIGEST also offers personal lines policies for its clients’ management.

ASIGEST is a founding member of UNSICAR (the National Union of Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy Societies) in Romania, established in 2000. Between 2002 -2014, Antonio Souvannasouck was member of the UNSICAR Board.

ASIGEST is also founding member of PRBAR (The Romanian Patronage of Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers) established in 2016. Between 2018-2020, Antonio Souvannasouck was the President of PRBAR.

Main professional recognition:

Since 2018 ASIGEST is official supplier of Royal House of Romania.

Managing Partner Antonio Souvannasouck started his career in 1993 at Generali Romania and join ASIGEST in 1996. Antonio previously participated in the establishment of three insurance companies, preparing marketing studies, budgets and policy documents. He gained experience in Italy at Generali Assicurazioni and holds a degree from Bucharest Polytechnic University. Antonio has two children, and lives in Bucharest. He enjoys playing tennis and traveling.

Senior contact

Mr Antonio Souvannasouck

Managing Partner

International desk manager

Mr Dan Dala

International Desk Manager

Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Dan Dala

International Desk Manager

Main Office

Asigest SA
Duiliu Zamfirescu 8, S1
  • Tel: +40 722 222 099, +40 733 233 660
  • Fax: +40 21 2304179