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Building bonds: Celebrating 5 years of Indemnity within the network

8 November 2023

Building bonds: Celebrating 5 years of Indemnity within the network

UNIBA Partners has been going strong for well over 35 years. One of the common denominators is the fact that once you’re in, you’re usually here to stay. With so many long-standing Partners in the network, there are sure to be many memories, professional highlights and personal anecdotes to be shared.  With this monthly article-series we will highlight our Partners’ anniversaries and take a trip down memory lane.

In this month’s edition, Rameeta Sethi, Managing Director from Indemnity Insurance Brokers LLC  (UAE), who has been a Partner of UNIBA for 5 years now. 

For those who don’t know you just yet, can you please introduce yourself and your company?

I’ve been in the insurance business for over 35 years now, starting as an underwriter, then switched to broking. I then proceeded to set up my own company in Dubai, Indemnity Insurance Brokers. We’re in our 7th year now of which five as a UNIBA Partner. Indemnity mainly focuses on mid-sized and large companies rather than individuals or SMEs. One of our USP is that we have a large number of senior professionals in the team and rely on knowledge and experience to differentiate ourselves.

As to how we became a member: I met Mareen as we were building up the company, roughly a year after we started. She reached out to a common reference, looking for a partner in Dubai. I felt that we needed to show our international presence,  as we only have offices in the Middle East.  After discussing with Mareen about UNIBA, I found this network would be perfect fit as there is no push & pull and we stay independent whilst being a part of kind of mutual.

What impact did UNIBA’s membership have on you and your company?

Firstly, the membership allows us to project Indemnity as multi-territory given that we can receive support in many countries across the globe. Secondly, it filled a corporate void, because now we were part of a larger network. We’re able to tap into various resources, e.g. through the Centers of Excellence, and understand the different territories better.

Thirdly, you are part of something that is not just a social club, it’s meaningful. It allows you to bounce of ideas with other senior members: how do you handle this problem? What was your journey thus far? Let’s also not forget, they are all a happy bunch of people, always willing to help!

Which aspect are you most involved in within UNIBA?

Lately I’ve been involved in the selection committee to the board. Having spent five years within the network, I think I understand what’s needed to assess their workings to create a stronger UNIBA. Other than that, we are continuously exploring new territories together, trying to find new Partners within the Middle East for our network.

What was your most memorable experience with UNIBA?

The annual Worldwide  Conferences! I haven’t missed a single edition and just got back from this year's edition in Bangkok! The Conferences always boast a nice array of topics, in addition to great locations and venues. Regarding the former, it’s also nice to see there are always a few non-insurance related topics on the agenda, which is good from a personal development point of view. Lastly, the Conferences are also made memorable by the Partners; being around so many senior brokers can be very valuable.


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