Company Profile

UNiBA Partners' International Office

Main Office: Brussels

The UNiBA Partners International Office manages UNiBA's day-to-day business.
Our activities include:
- coordination of the network
- developing and providing information and services for UNiBA Partners
- facilitating flow and transaction of international business among UNiBA Partners
- management of the public website and extranet
- meeting organization
- network development
- press and media relations
- procedures and guidelines
- providing information about UNiBA Partners
- publication of UNiBA Partners' newsletter
- quality management

Our primary objective is to maintain and further develop UNiBA Partners.
UNiBA Partners' registered office is located in Hamburg, Germany.

International desk manager

Ms Nicola McKaig

Operations & Logistics

Senior contact

Ms Mareen Hüffmeier


Main Office

UNiBA Partners
Espace Morphosis
55, rue des Anciens Etangs
  • Tel: +32 2 3436034
  • Fax: +32 2 7919146