Company Profile

La Protectora Corredores de Seguros S.A.

Main Office: Lima

With more than 34 years and being among the top ten independent insurance brokers in the insurance market, La Protectora Corredores de Seguros is one of the leading brokers in Perú: bringing constant added value thanks to the personalized advice they can give to their clients.

Their knowledge and experience give them the ability to find the ideal solution to the different needs in risk coverage that clients may have. A personalised service, quick attention and constant innovation bring added value to their clients.

La Protectora has a professional and technical staff with wide experience and are fully trained to assist clients in all their requirements in insurance management. In addition, they give complete assistance to obtain compensation for clients losses.

Their main services focus on: Risk Analysis, Risk Control, Risk Financing, Comprehensive advice for contracting entities and insurance companies that belong to the Public Administration, Immediate attention and operational assistance in claims and Management Reports.

Main Products:

Life & Health Insurance, Transport, Marine & Cargo Insurance, Mobile equipment Insurance, Liability Insurance, Consulting, Guarantee Insurance, Multirisk Insurance, Personal lines Insurance, Property Insurance and Vehicle Insurance.

International desk manager

Miss Fiorella Servan Galdos

International Desk Manager

Senior contact

Miss Fiorella Servan Galdos

International Desk Manager

Main Office

La Protectora Corredores de Seguros S.A.
Av. Santa Cruz N° 376
San Isidro
  • Tel: +511 415 5830
  • Fax: +511 422 4900