Company Profile

Group Casier

Main Office: Menen
Other offices: Ghent

Group Casier is an innovative, full service broker with a strong focus on corporate clients. The group’s strategy is based on its carefully developed vision of responsible risk and insurance management and comprehensive services. Guided by this vision, Group Casier has designed and registered “CIM®: Corporate Insurance Management”, a package of high-quality, contract-based brokerage and related services which can be unbundled depending on the requirements of every individual client.

Group Casier was formed in 2005 when Casier & C° NV acquired the majority of shares of the Ghent-based brokerage firm Decoodt NV. Today Group Casier is one of Belgium's top independent insurance brokers and a trend setting professional in the field of liability. Managing Director, Paul-Emmanuel Casier, represents the fourth generation of his family's control over the firm since it was founded in 1893.

In 2013, Group Casier changed from a commercial name into a Holding Company with two operational subsidiaries:

- Casier Risk & Insurance cvba (s.c.r.l.) in Menen (formerly Casier & Co° nv)


- Group Casier Risk & Insurance cvba (s.c.r.l.) in Ghent

Casier Risk & Insurance cvba is located in Menen near the French border. Confusingly for many non-Belgians this is part of Flanders - but that does not prevent the office from offering its high-quality services in the French-speaking part of Belgium too. Group Casier Risk & Insurance cvba is located in Ghent in the centre of Belgium. This location, at the intersection of the two main Belgian highways gives them easy access to all important regions of the country - Brussels and Antwerp are both just a half hour's driving from there.

Group Casier s.a. is the Holding Company, owner of Casier Risk & Insurance cvba, authorised by the Belgian financial authorities FSMA 011277A and of Group Casier Risk & Insurance cvba, authorised by the Belgian financial authorities FSMA 010001A.

International desk manager

Mr Marc Peltyn


Senior contact

Mr Paul-Emmanuel Casier

President / CEO

Main Office

Group Casier s.a. Casier Risk & Insurance s.c.r.l.
Waalvest 2/0001
  • Tel: +32 56 261 330
  • Fax: +32 56 510 147