Company Profile

EXL Consulting Ltd.

Main Office: Athens

EXL Consulting is a team of young thinking individuals – dedicated professionals, with finance, insurance, law, engineering, safety & loss prevention, and risk management background. Old enough to have acquired expertise and know-how through past experience with leading insurance and risk management organizations worldwide.

Starting on their own in 2009 the company has grown from a few clients to a stellar client list showing market leaders and household names.

Flexible in accommodating the needs of small-to-medium companies EXL Consulting can also handle the workload and the specific ERM requirements of multinational clients in mostly every sector of economic activity, including trade & distribution, transportation, professional services, energy, construction, heavy industry, hospitality, food & drink.

EXL Consulting says 'We love growth - but we thrive on the personal attention and care we provide to each individual client, regardless of the scope of the project.'

EXL Consulting can undertake a complex cross border multi-part merger, or run a risk assessment evaluation in a high-risk biotechnology laboratory. Projects could be the launch of a satellite into orbit or addressing the risk culture issues of a plant in the Niger Delta, taking care of the risks of a pipeline spanning several countries or being laid on the ocean floor: managing the risks of a Bank or the Kidnap & Ransom exposure of a global industrial group.

The CEO, Stavros Papagiannopoulos, is a Labour Economist (BA, University of Athens and MA, University of Kent) and a Certificant of the IRM. He has been in the insurance industry for more than 30 years, 23 of which as Chairman & CEO of Aon in Greece and Cyprus. An ex-athlete but still an active sportsman, owner and skipper of “TEAM EXLence”.

The International Desk Manager, Avrilia Terzi, holds a BA in Political Science and is a Certificant of the IRM. She has been in the insurance industry for more than 10 years. Previous experience includes 6 years in management consulting and another 4 years as Customer Relationship Manager of Aon in Greece and Cyprus.

International desk manager

Mrs Avrilia Terzi

Senior Risk Consultant / Int'l Desk Manager

Senior contact

Mr Stavros Papagiannopoulos


Main Office

EXL Consulting Ltd.
46B, A. Metaxa Ave.
166 74
  • Tel: +30 210 9803 375
  • Fax: +30 210 9803 379