Company Profile

Malakut Insurance Brokers

Main Office: Moscow
Also operates in: Kazakhstan, Vietnam

Malakut Insurance Brokers was founded in 1999 and began operations as a two-man team focusing on corporate clients. The firm, the first to receive an insurance broking license in Russia, continues to grow rapidly and now has offices in Moscow, Ukraine and Vietnam, as well as a subsidiary broking company in Kazakhstan, UAE and Panama.

Malakut was named Best Russian Insurance Broker by Reactions magazine for several years.

A full-service broker, Malakut provides both direct and reinsurance services to its clients. In addition to general property & casualty lines, dedicated staff also service aviation, marine, energy and space business, as well as group and life.

  • Malakut Trade Credit is a special company in Malakut Group, dedicated only to Trade Credit operation and accounts receivable.
  • Malakut Financial Services is also a part of the Group. This company assists in getting loans in Russia and abroad.
  • Malakut Global Recovery assists in collecting debts from Russian and international entities.
  • Malakut Constellation was established in 2008 and specializes in space and military-industrial risks insurance services.

On the reinsurance side, Malakut provides services for all of the largest insurance and reinsurance companies in Russia and many companies abroad.

Senior contact

Mr Alexander Dolgopolov

Board Member of Malakut Group

International desk manager

Ms Tatiana Razuvaeva

International Business Development Director

Employee benefits international desk manager

Ms Anna Krapivina

EB Manager

Main Office

Malakut Insurance Brokers CJSC, Russia
Malaya Sukharevskaya sq., 12
  • Tel: +7 495 933 1373
  • Fax: +7 495 933 1370

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