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Advice First

Main Office: Varsity Lakes

About us

We opened our doors in September 1980 and have called the Gold Coast home ever since, although now days two thirds of our clientele are non-Gold Coast…with clients in every state of Australia.

We have won 35 National Awards based on:

  • Quality advice
  • Compliance
  • Business growth
  • Client retention
  • Innovation
  • Workplace culture

Key reasons why you may want to deal with us:

  • You receive personalised advice, not a one size fits all pre-determined outcome
  • You get service and education, in preference to products and sales
  • You deal with a team of specialized advisers, rather than a general practitioner
  • You hear simple solutions, instead of technical jargon
  • We have an outstanding rate when it comes to client retention. There’s a 95% chance that a new client will still be with us in 10 years’ time  

Our Approach

Regardless of their industry or sector, we take the time to understand their business and the relationship they seek to hold with their employees and define the support and services they require.

We work closely with key stakeholders (such as HR, Finance and Payroll personnel, Directors, Board Members) developing a suitable employee benefits strategy, that will free up their time so they can build a positive working environment for them and their valued employees.

We are pleased to say that our own team are a working example of deeply engaged, high performing, high valued working environment … in other words - we practice what we preach.

Partnering with Advice First – Employee Benefits

The Advice First corporate benefits team have an average of 14 years’ experience and are skilled in offering the following solutions for your business:

  • Financial Education Programs / Workplace Presentations / Employee consultations
  • Employer Superannuation management / tenders
  • Group Life insurance, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance
  • Group Private Medical Insurance (PMI)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) resourcing
  • Health and Wellbeing resourcing

Senior contact

Mr Dennis Perry

Managing Partner

International desk manager

Mr Travis Bailey

Head of Corporate Benefits

Employee benefits international desk manager

Mr Travis Bailey

Head of Corporate Benefits

Main Office

Advice First
Market Square, Level 2, 47 Watts Drive
Varsity Lakes
QLD 4227
  • Tel: +61 (0)7 5585 3900

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