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UNiBA Partners 30th Anniversary Conference: Mission Accomplished

10 October 2017

UNiBA Partners 30th Anniversary Conference: Mission Accomplished

UNiBA Partners celebrated its 30th Anniversary at its annual conference, bringing together 140 Senior Contacts, International Desk Managers and Sponsors from all over the world.

This year’s theme was “Quest for Resilience”, a topic which resonated with keynote speakers: Sven Mastbooms, futurist and digital trends analyst from Kindred Spirits, Benno Reischel, head of Europe at Lloyd’s and Ian McNeil, Head of Customer Management (Risk Engineering) at Zurich. The conference closing featured a memorable and intimate performance by the Damascus-born pianist Aeham Ahmad.

“Our annual conferences make it possible for our Partners to learn from each other, allow the expertise to be transferred in a useful fashion, and essentially, they create a whole new global community which, for our 30th Anniversary, proved to be as strong as ever“, says Mareen Hüffmeier, UNiBA Partners’ CEO.

The conference was also a perfect occasion to formally welcome four new Partners: Insurance Brokers of Nigeria, Axle Asia from Indonesia, Hayat from Malaysia and Wallace McLean from New Zealand.