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Raffuel Surety Group

Main Office: Princeton

The Raffuel Surety Group was formed in 2011 and exclusively provides surety bond placements for domestic U.S. and international clients wherever needed.

Surety bonds continue to gain acceptance around the world as performance guarantees that had typically been secured with bank letters of credit. With tighter capital and reserve requirements demanded of the banking industry, both large clients, and their lenders, are searching for others answers. Often a surety bond is that answer.

Raffuel Surety Group’s focus on this line of business allows them to capture the 30+ years of experience gained from employment on both the underwriting company side as well as brokering. Their expertise includes construction of all types (building, civil, energy, specialty types), as well as commercial surety placements for the health care industry, sports & entertainment, mining and manufacturing. They enjoy access to virtually every major surety carrier in the business.

Steve Raffuel also serves as President of The Surety Alliance, a global surety specialty association.

International desk manager

Mr Steven Raffuel


Senior contact

Mr Steven Raffuel


Main Office

Raffuel Surety Group
20 Nassau Street, Suite 406
NJ 0840
New Jersey
United States
  • Tel: +1 609 924 2426
  • Fax: +1 609 498 7565