Company Profile

ADH (Assurances Descamps d'Haussy)

Main Office: La Madeleine

Assurances Descamps d’Haussy (ADH) was founded in 1937 by Hubert Descamps and Henry d’Haussy.

The firm provides general property and casualty brokerage services to companies and organizations throughout France, specializing in commercial insurance for industries and municipalities, as well as professional risks.

ADH has two subsidiary companies:

- EXPER specializes in life insurance and employee benefits

- SEPROFI specializes in credit and guarantee insurance

International desk manager

Mr Guillaume Grebert

International Desk Manager

Senior contact

Mr Bertrand Peucelle


Main Office

Assurances Descamps d'Haussy
1 Rue des Promenades (B.P. 20144)
La Madeleine
  • Tel: +33 3 20155070
  • Fax: +33 3 20155071