Agenda highlights

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Day 1 - Wednesday, October 21st

 BrusselsNew YorkSingaporeSydney
Opening & Members' Only Session09:0003:0015:0018:00
Resilience & Global Recovery (tba)11:0005:0017:0020:00
Show & Tell New Partners - Part I13:0007:0019:0022:00
Say It: Create Your Best Elevator Pitch Ever! - Wladislaw Jachtchenko14:0008:0020:0023:00
Chat Roulette - 5 Minutes to Make a New Connection15:0009:0021:0000:00
Opening & Members' Only Session16:0010:0022:0001:00
Clyde & Co Keynote17:0011:0023:0002:00
Americas Content (tba)18:0012:0000:0003:00
Sponsor Content & Booths19:0013:0001:0004:00

Day 2 - Thursday, October 22nd

 BrusselsNew YorkSingaporeSyndey
Asia-Pacific Keynote - Iain Ferguson, Lloyd's Asia03:0021:0009:0012:00
The Future of One Belt One Road04:0022:0010:0013:00
Preparing for Future Pandemics05:0023:0011:0014:00
Chat Roulette Asia-Pacific - 5 Minutes to Make a New Connection06:0000:0012:0015:00
Sponsor Content & Booths07:0001:0013:0016:00
Brexit: Implications for Non-UK Partners - Sutton Winson09:0003:0015:0018:00
Show & Tell New Partners - Part II10:0004:0016:0019:00
Demonstrating Your International Reach - Marketing Roundtable11:0005:0017:0020:00
Africa Middle East Keynote (tba)11:0005:0017:0020:00
Time Tracking - Benefits and Constraints of Recording Time Spent - Sutton Winson12:0006:0018:0021:00
InsideRisk/High Stakes Leadership in Action13:0007:0019:0022:00
Chat Roulette Americas - 5 Minutes to Make a New Connection16:0010:0022:0001:00

Day 3 - Friday, October 23rd

 BrusselsNew YorkSingaporeSydney
The Growing World of Employee Benefits - Lewis Mosley10:0004:0016:0019:00
Backbone Roundtable - Sutton Winson10:0004:0016:0019:00
Insuring Wind Energy - K. Schreiber, Gothaer11:0005:0017:0023:00
Meet the Gothaer Energy Team12:0006:0018:0000:00
Together, There Are No Borders13:0007:0019:0001:00
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