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Zsolt Rozsahegyi Wins Alan Sutton Award

Zsolt Rozsahegyi Wins Alan Sutton Award

08 December 2008

’As any football coach will tell you, you get much better results if you praise your players for their good points before telling them about the goals they missed. This award, I know, will give me a lot of motivation in the future,’ says Zsolt Rozsahegyi, Managing Director of Potter Broker Insurance Services in Budapest, Hungary in his acceptance speech of the 2008 Alan Sutton Award.

The Alan Sutton Award recognizes outstanding service provided by an individual staff member of a UNiBA Partner. It aims to honour those who help us deliver outstanding quality.

The award is named after much missed former UNiBA Partners board director Alan Sutton.

Nominations for Zsolt describe a high level of proactive and technically pertinent communication on international clients as well as extraordinary service and responsiveness.

Also shortlisted for the 2008 award were Louis-René Cellier (Groupe France Courtage, France), Ralf Hösch (RVM, Austria), Paul Lam (CIB, China) and Matthias Meinke (ATS Hamburg, Germany)

The 2007 Alan Sutton Award went to Wolfgang Rödiger of Lübcke & Co in Munich.

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