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Visualizing Risk

Visualizing Risk

11 February 2010

Davos and the World Economic Forum are, detractors notwithstanding, relevant to the real world.
The Forum's Global Risk Network last month published its Global Risk 2010 report. The Global Risk Network was created to explore the interconnection between risks and the implications of those relationships over a 10-year time frame. Another important aspect of the work is the recognition that in today’s globalized environment, risks can have enormous systemic implications and global risks require collective thinking and responses. The GRN aims to build awareness of these factors. The interactive Risks Interconnection Map is useful in showing risk factors clustering around any one topic. With its risk bubbles erupting at every mouse click the map is either paralyzingly scary or, on the contrary, a reassuring little reminder not to forget the impact of chronic diseases on your next project. For more information see the Global Risks Network section at the World Economic Forum website at http://bit.ly/7BEKpf .

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