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UNIBA Partners Celebrates 20th Anniversary

UNIBA Partners Celebrates 20th Anniversary

02 November 2007

On October 19th, UNIBA Partners will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in Hamburg, Germany.

UNIBA Partners – one of the world’s largest networks of independent insurance brokers – just celebrated its 20th anniversary in Hamburg, Germany. Competition concerns voiced by the EU were among the discussion items of the 2-day meeting.

The recently released final report on the EC business insurance sector inquiry and the competition related concerns voiced in the paper give rise to heated discussion by both brokers and insurers: they were also a major topic for the expert round table at UNIBA Partners’ conference in Hamburg, Germany.

Speakers from Allianz and UNIBA Partners discussed those sections of the report referring to remuneration of insurance brokers, transparency and disclosure. “Internationally, regulators and markets are taking very different approaches, they do not necessarily go into the same direction” commented Jacques Goldenberg, Chairman of UNIBA Partners. “Within UNIBA Partners we service clients across the world. Waiting for coherent international regulation is just not an option. International clients in particular expect precision, quality solutions and reliable service delivery. Regardless of how we are remunerated, clients should not pay for internal inefficiencies. Our mission is to provide intelligent, value added services, that is what our clients remunerate us for.“

Jacques Goldenberg, who lives and works São Paulo, Brazil, was re-elected to another two-year term as UNIBA Partners' chairman of the board.

Through the young brokerage firm Bordero, UNIBA Partners is now also represented in Croatia. Based in Zagreb, Bordero is specialized in business insurance. “Becoming a member of UNIBA Partners is a very important step in our strategy,“ says Managing Director Tihana Nikic. “Croatia is a very young insurance market. The experience of our network partners and access to markets and know-how across the world are truly important for us and our clients.”

With now 44 partners, several of them with operations in multiple countries, UNIBA PArtners' broker members service clients in over 120 countries.

General Information: UNIBA Partners is a worldwide network of independent insurance brokers. Through the network partners provide insurance broking, risk management and employee benefits services to clients in over 120 countries across the world.

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