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Congratulations, Dr. Hörtkorn!

Congratulations, Dr. Hörtkorn!

13 December 2016

On 3rd December 2016, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary.

“Successful entrepreneurs carve their own path, even if the path is long and laborious.”

This sentence certainly applies to Dr. Friedrich Hörtkorn. In 1966, at the age of 39, Dr. Friedrich Hörtkorn gave up his secure job at German insurer WüBa to start his own broking company. Fifty years later, he has no doubts: that was the right decision.

A major factor in Hörtkorn’s journey to success was a motivated and loyal team consisting of former WüBa members. In the beginning, most of the focus was on Marine insurance but the company gradually evolved, becoming a one-stop-source of insurance solutions for its midsized clients and founding a subsidiary in Philadelphia, USA. Today, Dr. Hörtkorn employs 190 staff in eight offices.

Christian Hörtkorn, who joined the company management in 1994, and his father Friedrich, still involved in all important decisions, are pursuing their growth strategy with two new subsidiaries, founded in 2015 and 2016 respectively: “Dr. Hörtkorn Risk Engineering” specializes in fire protection, while “Dr. Hörtkorn München GmbH” handles Cyber and IT insurance.

Dr. Friedrich E. Hörtkorn GmbH joined UNiBA Partners in 2004. Christian Hörtkorn is a member of the board as well as the network’s current president.

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