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2010 International Carrier Awards

2010 International Carrier Awards

09 August 2010

Over one hundred insurance professionals across the world are participating in this year’s survey of international Property & Casualty insurers.
They will be providing their input on carriers based on the experience over the past twelve months in their respective countries. Survey questions relate to innovation, client focus, claims handling and risk engineering.

UNiBA Partners created this award in 2005 to highlight the crucial role which insurers play in brokers’ ability to deliver quality. While past award winners predictably include some of the world’s largest insurers, some of the smaller, more regional carriers came to be among past winners by demonstrating their ability to impress through service and flexibility.
The survey will close on August 20th and results will be revealed at the Awards Dinner at UNiBA Partners’ meeting in Marrakesh on October 8th, 2010.

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