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Insurance Buyers

UNiBA Partners was founded over 20 years ago to provide insurance buyers with an alternative solution for their international insurance needs.

That is still the only thing we do.

The world may be growing smaller but the risks facing a company haven’t stopped growing. No one can monitor them all across multiple countries. Legal, cultural, economic, fiscal and social factors all change constantly, subtly or sometimes dramatically, changing the risk picture in each country. The best insight into these ever changing conditions springs from local sources. In our industry there is no substitute for the knowledge, care and sheer intuition of a local specialist.

That is why UNiBA Partners brings together committed brokers to deliver realistic solutions. Their mission is to work as a team, across borders and timelines to support your risk management, insurance buying and employee benefits needs – regardless of where your exposures may be located. Your local UNiBA Partner will coordinate the team work and provide you with clear and comprehensible international reporting.

If it is that simple, why is it often so complicated?
The inconvenient truth is that having brokers across the globe and adding a reporting tool does not in itself produce a solution. Language barriers, cultural differences, differing markets and quality expectations all combine to complicate communication and implementation of any international project. True quality requires clear standards, good communication platforms and, beyond all technology, a passionate willingness to serve our clients.

UNiBA Partners stand for this commitment to overcome the obstacles and provide sustainable quality.

There is no need to take our word for it: speak to a UNiBA Partner in your country or Contact us directly.

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Executive Director
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