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Winners Of UNiBA Partners' Alan Sutton Award

UNiBA Award

This award is named after much missed former UNiBA Partners board director Alan Sutton. The Alan Sutton Award highlights outstanding service by an individual staff member of a UNiBA Partner.

2016 – Alfonso Ansotegui, ATS Hanseatic Spain

This year’s Alan Sutton Award went to Alfonso Ansotegui of ATS Hanseatic. The award highlights outstanding service by an individual staff member of a UNiBA Partner and was named after much missed former UNiBA Partners’ board director Alan Sutton. The award committee highlighted Alfonso’s ability to work and communicate effectively across very different industries. Over the past years he has provided valuable client solutions in the hospitality industry, negotiated on behalf of engineering clients and solved coverage issues in locations ranging from his home base in Madrid to Latin America and Africa. A past board director and very active Partner, Alfonso is a true ambassador of UNiBA Partners’ quest for quality and emphasis on team spirit.

2015 – Jinwon You Shanghai Anguo, China

The Alan Sutton Award for 2015 goes to Jinwon You of UNiBA Partners’ Chinese Partner: Shanghai Anguo. One nomination in particular highlighted Mr You’s outstanding negotiation and problem-solving skills in placing an international liability scheme for a client, where China was the key to succeeding against Willis. In many more instances, Mr You has proven his ability to think critically and provide solutions.

2014 – Torsten Fütterer & Birgit Nold Hörtkorn, Germany

For the first time since its inception the 2014 award goes to a team rather than to an individual. The 2014 award goes to Torsten Fütterer and Birgit Nold for their particular commitment to team work and service. Both received multiple nominations independently of each other, highlighting their efforts to ensure clear and relevant communication. Torsten and Birgit received top marks for their professionalism and their perseverance and commitment to obtaining results for our clients.

2013 – Shailja Jalan Beacon, India

This year’s award goes to Shailja Jalan for her proactive and communicative client management. The nominations testify to Shailja’s quest for solutions, her willingness to go far beyond ‘business as usual’ to resolve client problems. Overseas Partners praise her skills at negotiating and problem-solving locally while still thinking internationally and ensuring that all parties have the required information.

2012- Ann Collins JKJ, USA

The 2012 edition of UNiBA Partners' Alan Sutton award went to Ann Collins of UNiBA Partner Johnson, Kendall & Johnson. Multiple nominations highlighted Ann’s dedication and excellence in helping fellow UNiBA Partners and their clients navigate the often unfamiliar risks of doing business in the United States. Attention to critical detail and actionable facts make Ann's work stand out.

2011 - Brian Salisbury Austbrokers SPT, Australia

Brian Salisbury received the 2011 Alan Sutton Award for his exceptional successes in enabling clients to remotely resolve very complex insurance situations. For overseas firms with subsidiaries or project exposures in Australia, distance itself heightens the importance of excellent communication and professional know-how. Brian’s combination of professional know-how and communication skills has enabled him to tailor solutions that exceed the expectations of even very demanding clients.

2010 – Louis-René Cellier Groupe France Courtage, France

Louis-René received the 2010 award for his ability to bring his technical expertise to bear on real-life client problems. His expertise was instrumental in improving policy wordings in international programs designed outside of France. Louis-René’s insight and astute recommendations have earned him the trust of local and foreign clients alike.

2009 – Elaine Redington Sutton Winson, United Kingdom

In 2009 the Alan Sutton Award went to Elaine Redington, Account Executive and International Desk Manager with Sutton Winson in the UK. Truly outstanding service and responsiveness, real client focus as well as actually going the extra mile were some of the characteristics described in the different award nominations.

2008 - Zsolt Rozsahegyi Potter Broker Insurance Services, Hungary

The 2008 award went to Zsolt for consistently providing a high level of proactive and technically pertinent communication on international clients as well as extraordinary service and responsiveness

2007 - Wolfgang Rödiger Lübcke & Co Munich, Germany

Wolfgang was awarded the prize for his exceptional work in enabling communication on a complicated German-based risk with exposures in Brazil. Bridging the cultural differences, ensuring that all parties involved in the program worked together towards the same end, overcoming parochial thinking were all real challenges which Wolfgang worked hard to overcome.

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